About Us

Emicdata born in UK in 2009, specialized in VoIP Solutions (Voice Over IP, solutions for your telecomunications), Bulk SMS, so you can send thousands of SMS to your clients in just one click, WebSIte, because you can be open 24/7 and finally, solutions at your needs. Tells us what you need and we will make it happen.

Improve Your Company

Voip, SMS & a good Website, are the 3 keys to success in your Business.

Voip - Low telecomunications costs
SMS - Direct Marketing to all your clients
WebSite - You are open 24/7

Low investement, huge savings.

Why Us

Emicdata has lots of experience in these 3 fields.
3 major keys to your business. Connect your office in London with your Office in Madrid, Paris, New York. Dont spend anything to connect with each other.